Clinical Findings on Cell Detoxification and Stability with Naturally Magnetized Water


International Congress of BioEnergetic Medicine ~ 4th Annual

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The Ohno Institute was established by Dr. Yoshitaka Ohno after several years in medical practice and research on aging pathology. He discovered a naturally magnetized water being used by Japan by physicians and healers with patient suffering from serious chronic and terminal diseases with remarkable results. Dr. Ohno has been collaborating with other physicians throughout the country on extensive research on the efficiency of this water on chronic health and aging-related diseased. Dr. Ohno bases his theory on the relationship of naturally magnetized water to health and aging on "If the body is composed of over 70% water, then the quality, content and structure of water is directly related to how the body ages and how well it ages." He welcomes any practitioner or health researcher to join him in continuing studies with this unique water.