Jonathan Treasure, MNIMH, RH (AHG)

Cancer & Botanical Medicine: Combining Conventional & Herbal Therapies: Risks, Benefits & Novel Approaches, Part I & II


American Herbalists Guild 2006 Symposium ~ Boulder, Colorado

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Introduction to conventional cancer treatments surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Host vs Tumor, paradigms and the scope of botanicals,

including immunomodulation, signal transduction, enhancing the vital force and creating an anticancer terrain. Tumor profiling and disease staging

as determinants of botanical strategies. Molecular multitasking as a key feature of botanicals. Herb-drug interactions an enlightened overview

including synergy, benefits and problems. Enlisting botanicals in a treatment plan multifactorial management and major controversies.

Following from Part I, a practical survey of specific botanicals for preventing toxicities and side effects as well as enhancing outcomes of various conventional therapeutic agents.