Donald R. Yance, Jr., CN, MH, RH (AHG)

Beyond Statins: Treating Cardiovascular Disease with Botanical and Nutritional Medicine


American Herbalists Guild 2004 Symposium ~ Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

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Cholesterol has unjustly received most of the blame for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and has thus become a lipid with a poor reputation. A prominent

medical authority recently predicted that 50% of the entire US population will be taking statin medication. This class will expose the dangers of statins as well the truth about the causes of cardiovascular disease with an in-depth understanding, rather than the very narrow view of the medical establishment. It will present the important need for specific supplements while people are on statins, as well as effective alternatives. The goal is to develop an effective holistic protocol based on herbal medicine for treating targeted risk markers in CVD including elevated lipids.