All 2006 AHG Symposium Lectures on Audio Cassettes in Two Free Storage Albums (NOT INCLUDING PRE-CONFERENCE INTENSIVES)


American Herbalists Guild 2006 Symposium ~ Boulder, Colorado

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"Many Ways of Knowing: Evidence in Clinical Botanical Medicine"

There are many ways of knowing and many forms of evidence, including clinical and laboratory testing, experiential, intuition, research, historical and traditional evi-dence, among others. This conference explores the many ways that herbal practitioners know what they know. From classes on herbal formulating to the treatment of complex conditions such as cardiovascular disease and autoimmune disorders, participants will have an opportunity to deepen their own knowledge and discover many new ways of knowing. With our Foundations Track geared toward students from beginner to interme-diate levels, advanced clinical lectures, and hands-on practical classes, the 17th Annual American Herbalists Guild Symposium is certain to be one of the most meaningful and unique herbal experiences of the year.