Sylvi Martin, RN, ND

Are Your Records Receiving the Right Treatment?


2019 Advancing Naturopathic Medicine

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Presented by: Sylvi Martin, RN, ND

Advertising Issues: Advertising online is one of the best ways for naturopathic doctors to market their practice and engage with their community, but it’s not without risk. This presentation aims to clarify the most common issues that are relevant to NDs advertising their practice. Doctors attending this presentation should learn and/or gain an improved understanding of how to: analyze advertising issues that are negatively affecting the profession across Canada; understand the most common advertising concerns before regulators; reduce the risks of advertising using social media. Are Your Records Receiving the Right Treatment? Are you practicing enough prevention in your own practice? Would your records contain the most important details if your care of a patient were to be scrutinized? With the expansion of power that the naturopathic regulators have, it’s important for NDs to become proactive with their recordkeeping and consent discussions with patients to reduce their potential risks. This presentation will
provide NDs with an overview of the essentials of proactive record keeping, and how to avoid common documentation pitfalls. Dr. Martin will cover: the most common types of patient complaints brought before regulators; how to maintain proactive documentation, and avoid common recordkeeping oversights; the essentials of obtaining and documenting informed consent from patients.