Deb Soule

(2-AUDIO CDs) Medicinal Herb Gardening in Northern New England: Spring and Summer Garden, Part I ~ Late Summer and Fall, Part II


American Herbalists Guild 2004 Symposium ~ Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

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Through a colorful slide show, students will have the opportunity to walk through a well-established apothecary garden in Maine which contains over

150 medicinal herbs. The following topics will be covered in Part I: Planting seeds indoors and outdoors following the Biodynamic Calendar, garden design, soil and compost preparation, transplanting, mulching, watering, organic methods of fertilizing, managing medicinal weeds for harvesting, choosing medicinal herbs and trees for the garden, planting herbs for the pollinators and detailed information on when and how to harvest spring and summer herbs.

The following topics will covered in Part II: Detailed information on harvesting the late summer and fall flowers, leaves, roots

and seeds, gathering seeds for saving or scattering, preparing perennials for winter, cleaning up annuals, creating a rotation planting guide for next

years? annuals such as calendula, blessed thistle, sacred basil and garlic, keeping planting and harvesting records, opening up the garden for public herb walks, creating a meditation garden and gardening as a spiritual practice.