Eugene R. Zampieron, ND

(2-AUDIO CD DISCS) A Look at the Underlying Etiologies & Evidence-Based Natural Treatments of Autoimmune & Inflammatory Arthritis


10th Annual International Restorative Medicine Conference ~ 2012

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DESCRIPTION: In this lecture, Dr. Zampieron will survey many rheumatic diseases and arthridities, their clinical presentations, diagnostic summary, lab assessment (both allopathic and functional medicine laboratory) diagnostic imaging, and successful holistic treatment. Dr. Zampieron, will explore a wide range of standard medical treatments, naturopathic modalities, including botanical medicine, nutrition, fasting, detoxification, novel cartilage building Rx, dysbiosis, stealth pathogens and herbs.


1. Joint anatomy, physiology and histology of connective tissue Histophysiologies

2. Histopathology of connective tissue diseases

3. Explore holistic theories of autoimmune diseases

4. Review immunology as pertaining to rheumatic ailments

5. Learn proper lab work up of rheumatologic signs and symptoms, leading to a definitive diagnosis when possible

6. Survey rheumatic diseases and Arthritides and learn about general characteristics, clinical presentations, and evidence-based holistic treatments