Michael Tierra, OMD, LAc, RH (AHG)

(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Yin Deficiency: The Diagnosis That Confounds Treatment


10th International Herb Symposium ~ 2011

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Adrenal burnout, strumous condition, vata-pitta imbalance is a state of deficiency that causes most standard herbal treatments to not prove effective. One can have a variety of diseases ranging from the common cold, arthritic conditions, digestive, emotional, respiratory, and gynecological conditions with an underlying constitutional imbalance of yin deficiency. It is these conditions that do not respond as they should with standard herbal treatments. Understanding this concept is the key that opens up one's understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In this informative workshop, Michael will present these key complexes of TMC with herbs, formulas and approaches to treatment.