David W. Lescheid, ND, PhD

(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) The Proactive Use of Naturopathic Medicine with the Rise in SARS, West Nile and Other Pandemics


Northwest Naturopathic Physicians' 52nd Annual Convention ~ 2008

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How can NDs deal with the diverse and growing number of infectious diseases combined with all the fears and concerns splashed across newspaper headlines? David Lescheid, ND, PhD, will draw from his clinical and educational expertise to seamlessly weave current health issues and common allopathic approaches with traditional naturopathic protocols. His lecture will link recent research with trusted therapies that can support a healthy

immune system and improve wellness. Dr. Lescheid received his PhD in molecular biology at the University of Victoria, with a specialty in molecular endocrinology, and his ND at CCNM. He has been a member of numerous government, professional and educational committees and research groups in Canada and abroad. He is widely known as a lecturer, speaking at the CAND, AANP and OAND conferences in 2007. He recently completed his tenure at CCNM, where he taught microbiology, infectious diseases and physiology, to practice full-time.