James S. Sensenig, ND

(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) The Heart of Naturopathic Medicine: The Power of Vitalism


Northwest Naturopathic Physicians' 55th Annual Convention ~ 2011

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Based on the principles of vitalism, naturopathic medicine has a great deal to offer the world of healing and medicine. In this time of great social distress amid rapidly evolving consciousness, is it possible that the fundamental precepts of our profession describe a new medicine from the heart of the old medicine? Underlying the philosophical precepts of naturopathic medicine are fundamental assumptions which define a paradigm of an organized, intelligent, and purposeful universe. Dr. Sensenig will attempt to describe this paradigm and the way that it informs clinical medicine

and our purpose as physicians. Historically, the adoption of a new paradigm creates a new world with new possibilities. Interpreting the "Laws of Nature" as they apply to healing from the perspective of our time has potentially profound effects. At the highest level, a new paradigm may bring within

reach the Holy Grail of medicine: Cure. Dr. Sensenig has been teaching and practicing naturopathic philosophy for a third of a century. He is an articulate and engaging speaker whom you do not want to miss. His presentation is likely to raise some questions and make us think about ourselves in different ways.