Rita Bettenburg, ND

(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Obesity and Childhood Diabetes


Northwest Naturopathic Physicians' 52nd Annual Convention ~ 2008

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The Northwest offers a warm welcome to Rita Bettenburg, ND, who returns to the convention with a lecture on the very topical childhood obesity issue. After receiving her BSc, Dr. Bettenburg taught and conducted research in clinical laboratory medicine. Upon graduating from NCNM, she

began practice in Portland, Oregon, as well as teaching clinical and physical diagnosis, and pediatrics at NCNM. She has served in many other capacities at NCNM, the CNME, AANP and OANP, among many other professional organizations. She is a past recipient of the AANP?s naturopathic

doctor of the year, and known widely as an expert in pediatrics.