Patricia Kane, PhD

(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Neurological Rejuvenation with Lipid Therapy


International Congress of BioEnergetic Medicine ~ 11th Annual

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Explore a new intravenous phospholipid technique towards brain and CNS rejuvenation and detoxification developed as a cell and blood brain barrier soluble intervention to remove microbes, chemicals and heavy metals in neurological disorders such as ALS, Parkinson's disease, MS, Autism, epilepsy, Post stroke, Alzheimer's disease and refractory environmental toxic syndromes.

Present new knowledge on a non-invasive medical procedure to effectively remove toxins from the brain, second brain and central nervous system to improve health status in neurological disorders. Demonstrate a new IV technique in the use of lipid emulsions phosphatidylcholine and phenyl butyrate for clearance of neurotoxins, stabilization of brain and CNS phospholipids and suppression of neuroinflammation. Investigate the role chemicals and heavy metals have upon polymorphism of methylation enzymes and treatment plans to address these mutations thereby stabilizing patients with neurological presentations. Identify oral nutrient strategies to significantly reduce toxic burdens and support methylation, sulfation, CNS and cell membrane integrity.