(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Is the Practice of Wild Harvesting in an Global Market a Road Map to Extinction?


12th International Herb Symposium ~ 2015

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Sandalwood and Ginseng are two of the most historically known medicinal plants traded internationally. Find out why UpS added Hawaiian Sandalwood to its at-risk list and what is happening internationally to species of endemic sandalwood around the world. Did you know the sale of ginseng helped finance the first American Fur traders to bring Hawaiian Sandalwood to China? These two plants share stories of how greed and international demand places pressure on wild harvesting that sadly diminishes wild populations. In regards to American Ginseng learn about how UpS is supporting a forest grown verification program. We can change the tide, UpS is working hard to encourage forest grown sourcing of American ginseng and address conservation concerns. Ginseng and Sandalwood are incredible teachers and plant allies. Ginseng an adaptogen and Sandalwood used for clarity and spiritual cleansing are asking for our help, and in return are giving us vision for future the ensures biodiversity and planetary healing.