(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Hormonal Milieu in the Aging Process: A Naturopathic Perspective


Northwest Naturopathic Physicians' 55th Annual Convention ~ 2011

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Dr. Pamela S. Jeanne will be focusing on aging as inevitable, but questioning how it affects us as professional providers who are also aging? How do we view the baby boomer population in their aging process? Her lecture will explore the clinical manifestations of aging, hormonal influences and lifestyle factors. Some of the themes will include: 1. When Does Aging Begin? Some revealing research. 2. Clinical Features of the Aging

Aging Process: a. Follow the "vis"; b. Cultural influences on aging; c. Tissue and cellular changes. 3. Hormonal influences and interactions in aging: a. Role of HGH in aging; b. Role of adrenal and thyroid hormones in aging; c. Sex hormonal influences in aging. 4. Emotional Aspects of Aging: a. Common fears in aging; death and disability; b. Wisdom: Elder respect in a western society; c. Your role as an aging practitioner. 5. Treatment

Options in Aging: a. Sleep - a major factor in longevity; b. Hormone balancing influences; safe hormonal dosing; c. Amino acids, whole food, herbs and other nutritional considerations; d. Improving lifestyle attitudes; what you are you become; e. Discussion of the "Blue Zones of the World" and the "Geography of Bliss" and f. Striking contrasts in the anabolic and catabolic hormonal milieu.