. EagleSong, CSH

(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Hawthorn Recipies and Remedies: Preparation and Use Through Time and Place


NorthWest Herb Symposium ~ 2016

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From aqueous healing herbal infusions of the flowers and leaves to ponche, a traditional Mexican winter punch; from Chinese haw flakes to hawthorn syrup, tincture, elixirs and oxymels you can make in your own kitchen, this session is a maker's dream. Several species of hawthorn from the Snoqualmie Valley will be introduced and tasted along with uses and preparations of the ubiquitous haw from around the globe. This is a hands-on practicum in making simple hawthorn remedies used around the world. It is an organoleptic experience in the 5 tastes and elements, all of which play out through hawthorn differently depending on genetics and origin of the different species as well as where they are growing today. All haw are not the same! Understanding this helps us approach the eloquence of herbal medicine and the beauty of different cultures in our world and their relationships with the plants around them. Really fun stuff for heart health!