Michael Tierra, OMD, LAc, RH (AHG)

(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) Chinese Tonic Herbs for Health and Wellness


NW Herb Fest 2008

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This class will explore the tonics of Chinese medicine, some of the most important herbs in the Chinese materia Medica. Also known as the Four Treasures, the use of tonics is based on the TCM therapeutic principle "always treat the deficiency". The herbs in this category form an intimate relationship with the neuroendocrine system, supplementing and regulating metabolism and all hormones. It there was ever a category that Western herbalists need to know to treat the more complex imbalances of today's patients, it is the Chinese tonics subdivided as Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang. Herbs in this category are generally classified as mild making them suitable for longevity, wellness, immune system and seasonal uses. We experience and describe a number of the most important ones and how to use them.