Brie Malarkey

A Business Like No Other: Lessons from an Oregon Cannabis Entrepreneur


3rd Annual Medicinal Cannabis Conference

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Starting a business is tough for any entrepreneur, but when you add cannabis to the business plan the challenges are exponential--from community distrust to burdensome regulations...that is if you?re launching in a jurisdiction that is open to the idea. The problem is change. Cannabis entrepreneurs are at the forefront of change and despite the most progressive city councils and the will of the people cannabis businesses have all the cards stacked against them. In this class Brie will discuss the challenges she?s faced and give lessons from Oregon in an effort to help others navigate the regulatory process of starting a state licensed cannabis farm, a processing company, or retail stores. In addition she will discuss observations in consumer trends and most importantly how to operate an ethical company focused on health and wellness while keeping bureaucrats happy and energizing a workforce to be leaders in an ever-evolving industry.