Why They Fight ~ The Story of the Arab/Israeli Conflict (2-AUDIO TAPE SET)



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There is much misinformation and many outright lies spread today about the facts of the Middle East conflict. This is the first of two broadcasts in which Michael Medved recounts much of the history of the small area of land which is modern Israel. This was a remote and obscure territory at first of the Roman Empire, then the Ottoman Empire and later the British Empire. Jews, Arabs and Christians have lived there for centuries. But, bloody conflict between these neighbors erupted after events following World War I and the establishment of various Middle East states including the State of Israel. Why? Michael Medved presents clarification to a dark and confusing segment of world history from ancient times to the 1940s. ~ Bonus on this recording: Michael's first interview of Salaam Almarhati, Director, Muslim Public Affairs Council.

This important narrative of the history of the Middle East continues in the second part of this two-part series, another special broadcast by Michael Medved called "Five Middle Eastern Wars." This recording chronicles the Israeli War of Independence 1948 and 1949; The Suez Campaign of 1956; The Six Day War in 1967; The Yom Kippur attack of 1973; and the Lebanon Campaign in 1982. Order this recording by using Item #MMX1N-021/022.