The Secret History of the Christmas Holiday (2-AUDIO TAPE SET)



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Why was Christmas a subject of bitter, even bloody, controversy for the first 200 years of American history? Why did leaders of several colonies make determined efforts to ban any observance of Christmas? How did the War Between the States and the development of the Santa Claus traditions lead to the nearly universal acceptance of Christmas as our great national holiday? What ancient pagan religion also celebrated December 25, recalling shepherds worshipping a great hero who will end up sacrificing himself to atone for evil doers? What do historians say about the real date of Christ?s birth? What did the pre-Christian Vikings contribute to contemporary Christmas observance? What?s the true story behind holiday classics like Dickens? "A Christmas Carol," "White Christmas," "It?s a Wonderful Life" and "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"? Why is commercialism a blessing, not a threat, to the Christmas spirit?

Michael Medved provides provocative and in-depth answers to these and other rarely answered questions about the most beloved and widely-cherished festival on earth. This scintillating, sentimental and wildly entertaining broadcast will add to the depth and joy of your holiday season, no matter how much you already know about Christmas traditions.