The History of Third Parties in America (2-AUDIO TAPE SET)



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America has a long history of unsuccessful challenges to the two-party system. Michael Medved reviews the record of these maverick movements in our political life. Included in this broadcast are:

~ 1790: The Anti-Masonic Party

~ 1848: Martin Van Buren?s Free Soil Party opposed expansion of slavery

~ 1856: The American Party, also known as the "Know Nothings" was anti-Catholic and anti-immigration

~ 1860: The four-way election which placed Abraham Lincoln in the presidency

~ 1872: The Liberal Republican Party

~ 1892: The Populist?s Party

~ 1912: Teddy Roosevelt?s Bull Moose Party

~ 1924: The Progressive Party, and "Fighting" Bob LaFollette

~ 1948: Henry Wallace Progressives and Strom Thurmond Dixiecrats