Ten Big Lies About Same-Sex Marriage (SINGLE AUDIO TAPE)



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(and How to Answer Them with Truth)

Like it or not, the drive to win government endorsement for same-sex marriage will be one of the major issues in the election of 2004- and beyond. In discussing that issue, gay activists have managed to define the national debate with endless repetition of a series of outrageous lies, including-

~Bush supports a "ban on gay marriage" only as a political ploy and to take attention away from more important subjects, like the war and the economy.

~Denying gay people "the right to marry" is discrimination, pure and simple; no one should be denied lack equal rights just because of sexual orientation.

~Banning gay marriage is just as hateful, just as unfair, as banning interracial marriage in the past.

~Allowing homosexuals to marry will do nothing to harm the marriages of heterosexuals. Gay marriage would expand the institution of matrimony rather than destroying it.

~Conservatives understand the civilizing, nourishing impact of marriage, so they should support extending those benefits to gay people

~It?s wrong to alter our sacred Constitution just for the sake of GOP political gain and to placate "religious fanatics"

These arguments (and four more) are all misleading, dishonest, and distorted - they are lies. But those lies have been advanced so frequently and so passionately by gay activists and their supporters, that it?s not enough to answer them with emotion. Defenders of traditional marriage need logic, facts, and powerful argument- all provided by Michael Medved in this impassioned lecture (with questions and answers) delivered in March of 2004.