Ben Drake

Pierce?s Disease: What Have We Learned from Temecula and the Kern County Pilot Project?


Unified Wine & Grape Symposium ~ 2002

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Two years ago, Temecula experienced first hand the significance of the Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter (GWSS) and Pierce?s Disease (PD) interaction. To address this serious threat, a coordinated control program for PD and GWSS was implemented in that region. A program update will outline the progress that has been made in the GWSS/PD battle and will identify the remaining issues that need to be addressed. The Kern County Pilot Project was established a little over a year ago to proactively manage GWSS and PD. Initially, the project was geared towards managing GWSS interactions with multiple commodities, but more recently the project has been challenged by PD and its potential spread in that region. A panel of experts, intimately involved in the project will cover the concerns and successes with this program. The project may need to be expanded and the expansion efforts will be outlined and discussed.