Peter G. Blake, MB, FRCPC

PD Fundamentals ~ Day I, Continued (3-Cassette Session)


26th Annual Conference on Peritoneal Dialysis ~ 2006

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Introduction - Ramesh Khanna, MD, Raymond Krediet, MD, Lynda Szczech, MD

Solute Removal - Peter G. Blake, MB, FRCPC

Peritoneal Membrane Structure and Barriers to Transport -Peter Margetts, MD

Physiology of Ultra ?ltration - Michael Flessner, MD, PhD

Peritoneal Dialysis:Present Status and Future -Dimitrios Oreopoulos, MD, PhD

Comparisons of APD and CAPD (Including Clearances, Ultra Fltration, Kinetics, Infection Rates,and Outcomes) - Dana Negoi, MD

CAPD and APD Prescription Writing (Including Adequacy and Ultra Fltration, Last Bag Options) - Dimitrios Oreopoulos, MD