. EagleSong, CSH

Natural Rearing of Pets and Livestock (2-Tape Set)


Herb Business Winter Getaway Conference ~ 4th Annual ~ 1999

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This workshop is for anyone who loves animals and would like to care for them naturally. Herbal pet and livestock care is a rapidly developing market. Learn skills and information from the ground up that you can offer your community in the form of service and products! For 20 years, Eaglesong has had a relationship with animals. She says they have taught her everything she needs to be human. Join her for a humorous, educational tour through her experiences raising all kinds of creatures from Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and a long, distinguished line of cats, to dairy goats, sheep, draft horses, ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys and rabbits, all with natural methods and herbal remedies. Learn about the Covenant of Domesticity, endangered breeds of livestock especially suited to small holdings, techniques for natural rearing of various kinds of animals, herbal remedies to make and when and how to use them. Strategies for using herbs to maintain health, flea control, herbs to grow for fresh feed, herbs to support pregnancy, birth and lactation. Although the focus of this workshop is educational, anyone interested in the business aspect of herbal veterinary application may find it helpful to ground their information in practical experience