Jon Bridgman

National Tragedy ~ National Recovery ~ Winter Lecture Series 2002 (6-Tape Set)


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Recorded January and February, 2002 ~ (Un-edited Lectures)

The people of the United States have faced and triumphed over multiple national tragedies of consequence in the past 100 years. In the transformational periods following these crises, it has been said that "Americans are most truly American." Join Professor Emeritus of History Jon Bridgman in his 15th and final year leading our evocative Winter Lecture Series, as he examines periods of pain and perseverence initiated by man and by nature, and how we have prevailed. We invite you to benefit from his informed historical perspective in examining the effects on the U.S. economy, political structure, and national morale, with particular attention to our country's determined recovery from such unexpected catastrophes

Audio Tape #1 ~ The Secession Crisis 1860 and 1861 ~

Audio Tape #2 ~ Terrorism in the 1890's: The San Francisco Earthquake ~

Audio Tape #3 ~ The Great Depression and Franklin D. Roosevelt ~

Audio Tape #4 ~ The Fall of France in May and June, 1940 ~

Audio Tape #5 ~ Pearl Harbor: What Happened After the Attack ~

Audio Tape #6 ~ The Cuban Missle Crisis: The Kennedy Assassination ~