Mark Blumenthal

Media Myths and Misconceptions in the Herbal Marketplace and Herb Research Update (2-Tape Session)


Dominion Herbal College ~ 30th Annual International Herbal Seminar ~ 2001

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The media has been consistently moving in an investigative journalism mode to show the "darker" side of the herbal movement. Some of this has been justified; however, often some of it is based on mis-reporting and/or sweeping generalizations that are often inaccurate and give the consumer and the general public misinformation. Such myths include that the industry is unregulated and that there is no scientific data for herbal products, that the products are inherently unsafe, etc. Mark Blumenthal explores these myths and misconceptions and looks at information that puts these issues in a balanced perspective. He updates the latest clinical studies documenting the safety and efficacy of various herbs with emphasis on the specific commercial proprietary preparations used in the clinical studies.