Rosemary Gladstar

Longevity and Well Being: Recipes for Wellness


HerbFest 2000

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A lively discussion with Rosemary Gladstar about herbs, recipes, formulas, diet and common sense practices that promote well-being at any age. There is great faddishness surrounding longevity. Scientists study it madly. Researchers research it. And cosmetic and supplement companies capitalize on it, sporting longevity in every bottle. Is there a cosmetic company in the world that doesn't tote some product that prevents skin from 'aging', wrinkles from forming or the chin from double sagging? And how easy it is to get caught in this anti-aging campaign. For that, in essence, is what this assault really is. It has little to do with health and well-being, peace of mind and useful service to the world, all things that make life worthy and meaningful whether we're young or old.