Jeff Dlott

Integrated or Separate? Biodynamic, Sustainable and Organic Farming Practices (2-Tape Session)


Unified Wine & Grape Symposium ~ 2002

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The wine community is ripe with discussion about organic, biodynamic, and sustainable farming strategies and their underlying philosophies. In many instances, the tone of the conversation implies that the strategy being discussed is the "silver bullet" for the economic, environmental and social ills resulting from modern agriculture. The history of agriculture is checkered with farming strategies that some were convinced were the answer to all the current problems. Have we finally found the holy grail(s) in organic, sustainable and/or biodynamic farming? Are these compatible or separate approaches? Do they lead to common outcomes or are they fundamentally different in their scope and desired outcomes? This panel will explore the commonalties and differences in the philosophies and strategies, as well as discuss available economic analyses of these approaches.