How Paul Revere's Ride Changed History ~ The Battles of Lexington and Concord (SINGLE AUDIO TAPE)



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This is the radio program that started a sensation. Michael Medved mesmerized the city of Seattle for three hours as he dramatically weaved the world-changing events of April, 1775 with his regular afternoon radio program of telephone talk and commentary. The radio station was flooded with calls from listeners wanting copies of this program on cassette. Fortunately, a recording of this broadcast was saved and is now digitally restored, edited and re-mastered to fit on a 90-minute cassette. Commercials, traffic and news breaks are removed, as are some of the calls that were not relevant.

After the response to this broadcast, Michael followed with more programs detailing the continuing events of the American Revolutionary War. He has also presented a special program on early colonial America called "Pilgrims, Puritans and the Founding of America" and programs on the "War of 1812," "The Mexican War," "Pre-Civil War America" and the history of "Third Parties in America." You can review these recordings on our web site in the "Search by Topic" section under "American History."