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"Hollywood vs. America ~ Popular Culture and the War on Traditional Values", read by the author, Michael Medved (Available Only on Cassettes)

This HarperCollins book-on-tape, launches a passionate inquiry into the present state of popular culture and into the rich possibilities for creative change that, he believes, could mark a return to wholesome values. Acute and anecdotal, funny and furious, thoughtful and timely, Michael Medved's very personal views have stirred a firestorm of public controversy. You may be provoked to cheers of support or howls of dissent, but you are certain to agree that he has raised issues we cannot afford to ingore.

Michael Medved says, "America's long-running romance with Hollywood is over. As a nation, we no longer believe that popular culture enriches our lives. Few of us view the show business capital as a magical source of uplifting entertainment, romantic inspiration, or even harmless fun. Instead, tens of millions of Americans now see the entertainment industry as an all powerful enemy, an alien force that assaults our most cherished values and corrupts our children. The dream factory has become the poison factory.

The leaders of the industry refuse to acknowledge this rising tide of alienation and hostility. They dismiss anyone who dares to question the impact of the entertainment they produce as a "right-wing extremist" or a "religious fanatic." They self-righteously assert their own right to unfettered free expression while condemning as "finge groups" all organizations that plead for some sense of restraint or responsibility. In the process, Hollywood ignores the concerns of the overwhelming majority of the American people who worry over the destructive messages so frequently featured in today's movies, television, and popular music."