(2-AUDIO CD DISC SET) The Shadow Presidents: The Secret History of the Chief Executives and Their Top Aides



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President Bush draws regular criticism for his reliance on his brilliant aides and advisors. But he?s hardly the first chief executive to depend on powerful, largely unseen assistants. In his award-winning book, "The Shadow Presidents," Michael Medved exposed for the first time the secret history of the White House, providing fascinating, often shocking accounts of the little-known individuals who stood behind the Presidents of the United States and helped determine the success or failure of their administrations. Published in 1979 by New York Times Books, universally acclaimed by critics and historians, "The Shadow Presidents" has been out of print for more than 15 years and unavailable in any form until now. In this series of history broadcasts, Medved updates and dramatizes his ground-breaking research, telling the amazing and riveting story of the odd assortment of public servants who toiled in the White House shadows.


This section includes an overview of the White House staff and how it developed. Before 1857 Congress stubbornly refused to pay for any assistant to the President not even a secretary to help him with letters! Early White House assistants received their pay from the President?s own pocket, like Tobias Lear, faithful secretary to George Washington, who sat with the great man at his death bed, and then measured his body after his demise, so posterity would know his true dimensions.

This exciting broadcast details the history of the White House staff from its beginnings, through the Grant administration. The main characters include the two brilliant, dedicated, but immature young men (both in their twenties!) who lived in the White House and served Lincoln during the War Between the States, and the charismatic, handsome and dashing scoundrel who almost single-handedly destroyed the Grant administration. You?ll hear the amazing story of how a young White House aide, with no authorization at all, negotiated for the US to take over an independent, sovereign foreign nation and how he almost succeeded in making the land grab stick! Intimate, nostalgic, inspiring and hugely informative, this installment of the Shadow Presidents series will delight anyone who has previously enjoyed the history broadcasts of the Michael Medved show.