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The Spelman Report: PhytoPharmacology Review Annual Subscription

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For a free download of The Spelman Report, email and place the words 'The Spelman Report' in the subject line. There is no obligation to receive this audio recording in your inbox.

Our mission at The Spelman Report: PhytoPharmacology Review is to provide a monthly audio science journal to keep you abreast of the latest topics that can make a difference in your clinical practice for better patient outcomes. Each month you will receive an MP3 file with the newest research, Dr. Spelman’s commentary and an interview of a clinician or researcher that can  enhance your clinical outcomes.

To accomplish this Dr. Spelman leads a team of researchers who review the newest research every week so we can deliver to your inbox data to inform your clinical practice and your self-care. 

Our goal is to provide you the best evidence-based observations available to serve your patients and the best possible therapeutic outcomes.

 Every month we will issue a new report focusing on special topics in natural products such as

  • A review of the newest research in natural products. 
  • SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19
  • Cannabinoids
  • Dosing strategies based on the newest PK research
  • Indications based on the newest PD research on plant actives
  • Herb-Drug Interactions
  • And of course the latest news to use for clinicians

For the second part of the program Dr. Spelman will interview clinicians and researchers who are doing the work that can inform your practice. Some of our clinicians and scientists include:

Ethan Russo, MD, PhD ~ Medical Cannabis, Research, Somatic Syndromes & Alzheimer’s Disease

Leslie Stone, MD ~ A Successful Prenatal Health Program for woman

Dustin Sulak, DO ~ Medical Cannabis, Treating Seizures and Dosing Strategies

David Winston, RH (AHG) ~ Adaptogens (Part 1 & Part 2)

Jeffrey Hergenrather, MD ~ Medical Cannabis: CBD/THC Synergy, A Clinician’s Experience with Cancer and Cannabinoids

Ethan Will Taylor, PhD ~ Breakthroughs in Antiviral Therapies with Selenium

David Hoffmann, BSc, FNIMH, RH (AHG) ~ The 1960’s Culture, Herbal medicine & Clinical Herbalism

Gary Asher, MS, MD ~ Experience of a COVID clinician

Bonnie Goldstein, MD ~ Medical Cannabis in Pediatrics

Junella Chin, DO ~ Experience of a COVID Clinician

Scott Mendelson, MD ~ Botanical Medicine in Psychiatry

Gary Asher, MS, MD ~ Research in Integrative medicine (Part 1 & Part 2)


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